16 beautiful images of how the World celebrated International day of YOGA

21st June was celebrated as International day of Yoga all across the World and it’s getting bigger and bigger with time. Though Yoga was originated in India the followers could be found across the World and it’s stunning to see how many countries have embraced Yoga as a way of life.

On 21st June whole World came together in harmony and had a mass yoga session at the major World sights, from Eiffel tower to Times Square all the venues witnessed thousands of people gathering to perform Yoga like a global festival.

It’s just mind blowing how the countries which most of us didn’t know about are enthusiastically participating in the global event.

Take a look at some of the most inspiring images of  how the  World celebrated International day of YOGA
 Yoga lovers from Nashville

#IDY #InternationalDayOfYoga #SmallWorldYoga #meditate #LiveNow #LightAndLove #DowntownNashville

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Yoga is bringing World together


Hundreds of participants from Stockholm


A calmness that cannot be explained

#futakotamagawa #internationaldayofyoga

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With love- Vancouver


They don’t need to be taught as they know it already


Meanwhile in Canada


Beautiful sight from Olympia


A peaceful Yoga session in Korea


Yoginis from Tunisia


From the lands of South Africa


Shine bright


Somewhere in Canada


What you learn as a kid stays with you for life

Happy International Yoga Day!! #sphinxpose face-off #yogaeveryday #childrensyoga #yoga #summer #kindredspiritcamps

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Some serious supervision going on here

We even had a dog doing yoga for #InternationalDayofYoga #IDYNashville #IDYnashville2016 #SmallWorldYoga #Yoga

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Yoga silhouettes from Hawaii

Happy International Day Of Yoga! 📷: @selcouth_vagary. #hawaiiunchained #internationaldayofyoga

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