Indian Woman gets Injured by Flying Poop! Shit Happens?!

In many countries including India, getting pooped by a bird is considered as a ‘good luck’. But a 60-year-old woman from Madhya Pradesh gets hit by a chunk of frozen poop not by a flying bird but by a flying plane.

As reported by Times of India earlier, A 60-year-old woman suffered a shoulder injury after getting hit by a football-sized chunk of ice which fell on her from the sky in Madhya Pradesh on December 17.

Earlier it was believed as a celestial occurrence in the district’s Aamkhoh village, But now that it grabbed attention of aviation scientists, they believe the culprit could have been a commercial plane which unintentionally dropped a ball of frozen poo and urine from its toilet.

This is the first incident in India in which a person got injured due to falling ice from a passing plane. According to the eyewitnesses the victim, Rajrani Gaud is alive only because the ice chunk from the sky hit the terrace wall first before hitting the lady leaving her with some injuries.

Experts also suggest that it could have been a megacryometeor (an extremely large chunk of ice formed under unusual atmospheric conditions).

This is not the first instance.

As reported by BBC news there have been number of instances when such accidents have happened.

Keith and Ruth Mead retired couple from Wiltshire in the UK claim a chunk of frozen poo and urine from a jumbo jet crashed through the roof of their home last year, smashing tiles and leaving a significant hole.


“We’re sure it came from an airliner passing overhead. Where else would it come from?” Keith told the Daily Mail newspaper.

He says the half-kilo ice ball was yellow and brown in color and he was anxious about what to put on the insurance claim. “Do we put ‘house hit by frozen urine and poo’, will they believe us?” he fretted.

Party crasher from the sky.

And “blue ice” isn’t always frozen, as a 16-year-old in Pennsylvania, USA, discovered in May last year when a very real “party pooper” brought her birthday celebrations an abrupt and messy end.

“Out of nowhere from the sky comes a bunch of faeces,” the girl’s stepfather, Joe Cambray, told a local television station.


“We’d just gotten done with the cake, thank God,” said his sister, Kristie Rogy.

“Because within two minutes something fell from the sky. It was brown. It was everywhere. It got on everything‚Ķ it was gross”.

The family filed a complaint with the American Federal Aviation Authority, but these cases are very hard to prove.

Last year, the New Zealand Herald reported the story of an Auckland man who said his home had been pelted with what he believed was human waste from an Airplane.

He was furious when the country’s Civil Aviation Administration insisted the mess was caused by a passing flock of ducks.

Hmm….all these incidents leave you with one question, what would you do if it happens to you?

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