When the World starts buying “Fresh Bottled Air”, we know someone has Screwed Real Bad. Delhi Next?

China’s Pollutions Is so Bad, It’s Buying Bottles of Fresh Mountain Air From Canada

While pollution levels are reaching record highs in China, such that Beijing had to issue its first ever red alert in December over its hazardous pollution levels. A Canadian start-up is finding a way to make a profit. Vitality Air, a company that sells canned air and oxygen, is seeing a huge demand from users in China.

The smog problem in Beijing had reached to such levels, that the schools and Construction had to be shut for a period of time.

China's Pollution Problem

China’s Pollution Problem

Since then Shanghai has seen its own smog problem hit its highest level since January, with schools being prompted to ban outdoor activities and factory work curbed on Tuesday.

But sales of Vitality Air – bottles fresh mountain air from Banff and Lake Louise, Canada – have soared in China. A single bottle of the company’s “premium oxygen” costs $27.99 ($18.50) while a bottle of its Banff air costs up to $23.99 ($15.85).

Harrison Wang, Vitality Air’s China representative, told Mail Online that the minute the bottles went on sale in Taobao, a Chinese website similar to eBay for online shopping, they “sold out almost instantly”. The company started marketing the product in China less than two months ago, but now that the first shipment of 500 bottles is sold out, another of 700 bottles is on its way.

Vitality Air Bottles

Vitality Air Bottles

Co-Founder Moses came up with the start up idea after selling a ziplock bag of air on Ebay for 99 cents

“One guy said that the air in Beijing Right now is ‘Almost Chunky’ so to be able to have a cool breath of fresh air – for them it’s a relief “- Troy Paquette Co-founder

The high levels of pollution in New Delhi, India has also made the Supreme Court and the Government to act. The Supreme Court has acted upon polluting vehicles especially Diesel vehicles and the trucks traveling Delhi at night. While the state Government in mulling over the idea of even-odd plan for private vehicles, which has opened a debate over the country about it’s feasibility and implementation.

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