Watch: The Awesome Goggles that make you feel drunk

Humans have invented a lot of things, things that are way beyond anyone’s imagination, redittor¬†AffablyAmiableAnimal posted a video of awesome Goggles that make you feel drunk after you wear them, Now this is what we call invention.

Drunk Goggles can be fun!

Now in the video you can see clearly the lady wearing the goggles is having difficulty to walk on the marked blue line – without actually being drunk, a thing that you can relate to when you are drunk or when you see others drunk. The High-Five in the end is hilarious, which is totally our behavior when we are smashed like there is no tomorrow.

Well, keeping all the fun aside, the aim of this goggle is to show how the senses are affected when someone has been drinking, and a precautionary step to make people realize the consequences of drinking and driving. The goggles cause distorted vision and a reduced ability to judge distance.

Lancashire Evening Post reporter Ben Robinson went driving with ‘beer goggles’ on – here’s what he said afterwards:

“My vision was blurred and I was feeling dizzy but having always thought myself a decent driver, I decided it would be okay.

Once in the car, I made a grab for the ignition but found only the windscreen wipers, which set off at a rapid pace.

Fumbling for the handbrake I set off at a snail’s pace to negotiate the route, marked out with bright cones.

Even going in a straight line was difficult because I was seeing double, which placed phantom cones in my way, when there were none.

I had to concentrate intently as I tried to negotiate the route, to establish the real markers from the ones I thought I could see.

Luckily my passenger was not wearing beer goggles and it was only his prompts that prevented a crash.”

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