Watch: Afzal Guru’s rare Interview after the Parliament attack

In an Interview with a TV news Channel back in 2001 Mohammad Afzal Guru himself confessed everything about the Parliament Attack, and you will be surprised to know his motives and ideologies behind the attack. After watching this rare footage you will  wonder why Afzal Guru is being glorified and why is he called a Martyr and a martyr for whom?

In 2001 The Parliament was attacked, The perpetrators were Lashkar-e-Taiba (Let) and Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) terrorists. The attack led to the deaths of five terrorists, six Delhi Police personnel, two Parliament Security Service personnel and a gardener, in total 14 and to increased tensions between India and Pakistan, resulting in the 2001–02 India–Pakistan standoff.

Afzal Guru was one of the members who was arrested, He confessed to all his crimes and the motives behind the attack.

This is what he said in an Interview to a TV channel.

“Terrorist attacks was a sort of a business, there was nothing like freedom fighting, higher logic, higher goals or a revolutionary process. It was just a Business where the organizations were getting money from the rich people.”

I was motivated by Gazibaba, and money factor was also involved as my economic condition was weak.

There is also a history from Kashmir that made me to get involved in the attack, Task force arrested me, I was tortured uselessly, they took away my money and the harassment continued, that also played a role to some extent, but I’m not justifying this thing.

When asked what does he feels when all the Indian Muslims image gets affected because of the people like you, Muhmmad Afzal felt bad and said that “Due to their activities the other Indian Muslims were suffering and they are seen under the same light as theirs”

Later Mohammed Afzal Guru, 43, was hanged on the morning of Saturday, 9 February 2013, at Tihar jail in Delhi. The operation was code named ‘Operation 3 Star’.

Some say the confession to the Aaj tak tv was under pressure.which isn’t credible since Afzal Guru himself latter justified the killing and attack through his own letter to a urdu paper.

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