Watch: An adventurous solo ride of 1700 kms will make you re-write your travel plans

It was 3:30 AM in the morning my alarm woke me up and I had exactly 30 mins to leave from my home in Pune towards Ahmedabad. Go pro mounted, back pack ready keys checked all the windows and doors locked.

With my helmet on my face I had this heavy heart beatings maybe I was scared to travel all by myself but fear was not to take over my determination of traveling. So I put the keys-started the engine-a quick throttle and off I went at 4 Am in the morning.

For the first few minutes I still didn’t have any clue, I was continuously asking myself am I really doing it ? Am I really travelling 1700kms on my bike all alone? And with all these questions in my mind the answer came to me as I crossed the first toll towards Mumbai, I was sure I am doing it.

There was a thought of failure what if couldn’t complete this trip, what if a mishap happened but My determination to reach home made sure I was safe and sound.

6:45 I am already in Mumbai at Pavel clicking the pictures of my self and posting a status that I have done Pune-Mumbai and Ahmedabad and Jaipur are still to be covered. Going round in the City of Dreams I was a lost soul who had no idea where to get on the Highway to Ahmedabad. With repeated efforts of asking every other Traffic Police Constable I made it to highway.

Riding past trucks, cars it was this sudden vroom vroom sound that came to my surprise and I see Daytons-Ducatis-Ninja and other super sport bikes riding past me in a matter of split seconds.
It was a site worth watching. As it was sunday people had brought out their master bikes for ride and on the other side of the road I saw a group or Harley-Royal Enfields-Indiana and other heavy bikes.

The site was mesmerising but I had to continue my journey.

By 12 I had reached Surat and I was damn hungry. So I stopped at a Mc Donalds and ordered 4 burgers for myself. After eating all I was off to Ahmedabad.

At 3 I was in Ahmedabad where I stayed with my friend for sometime. Rested myself and bike and then I was off Again towards my destination Jaipur.

It was cold and I had only a Tee, So I decided to go slow but the empty highway didn’t let me. I was back in race mode on my beast at 145km/ph. I was passing everyone and completed my journey with a happy smile on my face.

Go-pro and my bike had more attractions than me. Every petrol pump I stopped at people were coming and asking what it was and why and where was I riding to alone. Everyone asked me to click a picture with them. It was one of the best rides I have had ever had.




This is my ride video. I hope you enjoy it:

By- Janak Jodha

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