This Video of A Dog Teaching a Baby to Crawl will Melt Your Heart

Dogs are humans best friend, one does not come to know how attached someone can get to the animal unless he/she meets one. This video of Dog Teaching a Baby to Crawl will surely make you happy!

This video in which a dog trying to teach a tiny baby how to crawl is one of the wonderful examples of Human – Dog friendship.

Dogs are not only with you in Good times, but they are with you whenever you are down in Pain or in sadness. They are not only your pet, but they become a part of your family which is very evident in the above Video. The warmth that a dog brings in you sometimes is more than a human can.

This video will make your day and melt your heart with cuteness. The baby was struggling to crawl so the dog took it upon himself to teach the baby how it’s done.

The innocence of the baby and the Dog is all the cuteness that we required for today.

We all have our fears of animals, for all different reasons, but this fear can only be suppressed by meeting that animal – obviously not the man eater ones.

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This beautiful moment was captured by Valerie Stevens-Scott and posted on his YouTube channel. If you find more such videos, feel free to share it with us.

We recommend everyone to adopt a pet and bring such cherishing memories in your life.

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