Unbelievable: Man solves 3 Rubik’s Cubes in 20 seconds………. while Juggling (Video)

Erno Rubik, a professor of architecture at the Budapest College of Applied Arts, invented the puzzle cube in 1974. Although it’s widely reported that he created the cube to explain three-dimensional geometry to his students.

He actually built it as a model which would allow individual pieces to move without the whole structure falling apart. He didn’t realize he had created a puzzle until he first scrambled the wooden cube then tried to restore it. After he received positive feedback from his student, he applied for a patent and began manufacturing the ‘Magic Cube’ in Hungary.

Now many of us from the dawn of its invention till date have not been able to solve it, but now here comes a man who solves 3 of those frustrating Rubik’s Cube while juggling. Yeah, you heard it right – JUGGLING!!!

This Video below will haunt us again – of our in-capabilities on solving the Rubik’s Cube.

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Now, you be the Judge and tell us whether this magician actually solved it, or there is a catch behind it?

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