Tweet to Suresh Prabhu helps Parents trace their 15 Year Old Girl!

This is not unknown now, how the Railway ministry swings into action whenever they receive a distress call on Twitter, even if the tweet is addressed to the Railway Minister, Here is another example of Suresh Prabhus swift and great governance.

On Saturday a 15 year old girl from Jharkhand eloped with her 10th standard classmate. A tweet by the girls parents to the minister Suresh Prabhu helped them trace their daughter.

As reported by TOI, a senior official minister said, “The girl’s father from Jharkhand tweeted to railway minister Sresh Prabhu that kids are on board Geetanjali Express to Mumbai.”

The girls photograph and mobile number was also shared in the tweet. Tweet also mentioned that the train was about to pass Bhusawal station.

The ministry informed Railway Protection Force, who swung into action and tracked both the kids at Nashik Station.

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CR’s chief public relations officer Narendra Patil said, “Both kids are safe, They have been saved from falling into wrong hands.”

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