A Drunk Driver in Pune, Stay Safe Punekar, True Story!

You have to be Careful of Road Rages, Read this Story and Stand up for yourself, No one is bigger than the law and no one has the right to put any woman down. Beware of this Man Punekars.

Regular Friday evening, having a slow ride in the peak hours of Pune at Dhole patil road, I had an encounter with a drunk driver who seemed too proud to say a mere sorry when pointed out his rash driving.

At Tadiwala road, one must be really careful as a man who is known for his rash driving resides there. I was taking a right turn at speed of 20km/hr, giving my right indicator well ahead of the turn, when out of nowhere a Van shows up behind me, coming at a speed of 60kms/hr with high beam honking continuously and overtakes me while turning right! No, his honking still didn’t stop there but continued till he had reached his building. I was infuriated. Had I not braked suddenly, there would have been a massive collision. The series of unfortunate events don’t end here. I had to give a piece of my mind to this person and luckily for me I was going into the same lane. I immediately parked my car of the side of the lane and went into the building where I saw his vehicle go. I was just in time to catch hold of him before he went in his building. And no surprises there, he was reeking of alcohol. I yelled at him and questioned his ability of driving, upon which he started yelling back at me moving closer to me. My initial talk with him was nothing but a stern vocalisation aiming to bring to his notice his mistake and hopefully warn him not to drive like a maniac in future. I told him I am going to take the picture of his number plate and file a complaint. Hearing this, his ego gets hampered and he immediately bounces next to number plate and poses for the picture and says “Kaisa lag raha hu, pic toh achi aayi hai na?” I just ignored him and started walking away making peace with myself that nothing is going to get through his drunkard state. The thug’s mother comes and asks what happened, I explained the whole scenario to her and he interrupts me talking in marathi to her about my clothes and how I had the audacity to talk to him like that (as if my clothes were the major reason not to do so), I understood what he said and lost my temper yelling at him “I understood you are commenting on my dressing”. He then goes ahead and comments of my hair “teri julfo ko suja le”, and as I was walking away he yells “college ki heroine”, by this this time a lot of people had gathered who all just probed me to go away as it was useless to talk any sense into this guy, who on several occasions had created ruckus in the society and already has a lot of complaint to his name. My friend came to me and explained this is his pattern and just let it go. Here is a man who gets away with anything just because he is known for his misbehavious nature, and here i am who is just supposed to let go of it? I will not let it go. I want to spread as much awareness about this man as possible. Here is the picture where he proudly poses.

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