Trolled: UK Censor Board watched 2 day long movie of ‘paint drying’!

UK censorship authority just like India has been rating and banning movies since it was established in 1912. But what this Indie Film maker did to them is just amusingly Awesome!!

It costs £7.09/minute to get your movie rated by the BBFC — about £1000 per movie, out of the budget of many indie filmmaker. But the censors have to sit through whatever you pay them to rate.


Charlie Lyne, a London filmmaker and film critic

So Charlie Lyne, a London filmmaker and film critic had kickstarted a fund raise to pay the BBFC to literally watch a movie of paint drying. Where he said that the more money he gets, the longer the film will be:

That’s why I’m Kickstarting a BBFC certificate for my new film Paint Drying — a single, unbroken shot of white paint drying on a brick wall. All the money raised by this campaign (minus Kickstarter’s fees) will be put towards the cost of the certificate, so the final length of the film will be determined by how much money is raised here.

For instance, if we raise £108.59, the film will be one minute long. If we raise £526.90, it’ll be an hour long. And so on.

I’ve shot fourteen continuous hours of footage, on crisp 4K digital video. This should provide enough material for the film, as long as this campaign doesn’t raise more than £6057.


Having raised £5963, Charlie was able to submit a 607 minute film To protest the UK’s antiquated film censorship regime, Charlie Lyne crowdfunded a movie of paint drying. which the censors now have to sit through. While talking to Reddit Charlie did an “ask me anything” interview, with some illuminating answers.

About a year ago, I went to a filmmaker open day held by the BBFC at their offices in Soho. I’d expected to see quite a lot of conflict between the BBFC examiners and the visiting filmmakers whose work was at the mercy of the board, but there was nothing like that. Most of the filmmakers — even those who’d had trouble with the BBFC in the past — seemed totally resigned to the censorship imposed by the board, even supportive of it. I think that shocked me into action.


We wonder what would CBFC (Central Board Of Film Certification) do if such situation arise?!

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