12 Reasons Travelling Alone is the Coolest Thing Ever

It’s summer break, most of us have plans about where to go and what to do. Be it going to your grandparent’s house in the suburbs or the coldest hill station you can think of. Sometimes with family, cousins and sometimes with friends. Solo vacations aren’t really what we look forward to, but this is why it is something you should do at least once in your life.

Here are 12 awesome reasons to travel alone


It’s all your kind of experience

Remember those annual family vacations where you were dragged to some ancient monument or some caves with sculptures of a certain God (If you use enough imagination, you can actually see them.) and other things you didn’t care much about. Maybe some day you will appreciate all that, but now since you’re on your own, you get to go to just places you like. Just the beaches. Just the malls. Just the crowded streets. Whatever it is you’re looking for, you can be there without someone else stopping you. Spend too much time in one place, if you feel like.


Freedom to experiment with your look, or just experiment

You get to wear all those clothes that haven’t seen daylight since the day you bought them. The shirt with the neck too deep or the shorts too small or the heels too high. Especially if they are something you wouldn’t wear at home because that one ‘naggin’g 😉 Aunty might turn it into a daily soap.

Look eccentric, look like a vacationer. It’s nice to completely own things now and then. and put on that red lipstick you never used either. No one will really care.

Extend this beyond your clothes, and you can do so much more. If you’re too shy to sing karaoke with friends, do it here. And taste strange cuisines. Jump off a plane if that scared you before. You can cry while flying and no one will tease you about it later. Find parts of you that were too comfortable so far.


You’re not tired for someone else


You can stay out as long as you want when you’re by yourself. You don’t have to hurry back to the hotel because someone is hungry or tired. And you won’t even be forced to wake up @5 a.m. so you can see the sunrise by the waterfall. It’s a vacation. It’s supposed to be a break. Wake up @9 or 10. and sleep @3 or 4. Or whatever you’re into. (But watching the sunrise by a waterfall is the kind of thing that will make you fall in love with life.)


Being pampered

If you’re staying at a good hotel, that is a vacation in itself. Nothing feels better than having someone else make your bed. Or those amazing smelling, cute little shampoo bottles. You don’t have anything to do, other than call someone to do it for you. It’s an expensive indulgence, but a good one. Get a massage, and let go.

and the fact that you don’t have to share it with anyone else is even better. You don’t even have to wear pants in the room for someone else.


Meeting strangers


This is what happens when no one else is with you, you need company and so you talk to other people sitting alone in restaurants or people on the bus. Even if it’s just for directions. and it’s a good feeling to smile at a stranger. You just might meet your new best friend on a trips, and make friends that stick around for a lifetime. and it’s even cooler on those trekking trips because you might spend a whole day or two together. There are amazing people out there. and they will give you memories worth holding on to if you give them a chance.

Good or bad, people will always give you stories to tell.


For the love of culture

Here’s the basic purpose of travelling. To look at life differently. Travelling alone gives you a taste of different cultures. Instead of being in the little bubble with people you know, you’re forced to look around. You HAVE to be completely aware, and you just might be amazed by what you see. You might pick up a few words you’ll never use again, or develop a taste for dishes you’ve never imagined liking. You learn things first hand, more than anything. It’s humbling to see people live so differently and be just as happy.


For people-watching and getting over sitting alone

Girl sitting in a bench

Girl sitting in a bench

It would be a nightmare in high-school to sit and eat alone. Now, you have no choice. and it might seem strange at first, but it really is kind of cool. (and you get to eat whatever it is you like. Pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner?) They say people are like books, you only have to read them right and they will tell you all their stories. You’ll notice little things when you’re eating. The school girls that wait at the traffic light and laugh a little louder when the boys walk by. The group of men who smoke in a hurry during lunch and look so unburdened after the first puff. The child who will make his mother pick out every piece of capsicum in the rice.

As insignificant as these might be, you might realize we’re not all that different after all. And sitting alone isn’t the worst thing that can happen.


You will learn responsibility (Maybe not that cool)


Travelling alone will teach you the importance of having a plan- whether or not you follow it. After a day or two, you will get far more particular about what you do. It’s nice to be spontaneous, but that takes planning to. You will learn to manage your time and your money and life, maybe. The more you learn about what you want (and that is what travelling is for, right?), the easier for you to have it. Make plans and change them. It’s okay.


Remind you how much you love the folks back home


In spite of the desperate need to be away from everyone familiar, you realize just how much you need them. It’s okay if your Mom makes you have left overs, it’s still food she made, and you will miss that sometimes. You might realize you like the annoying sibling fights too and helping your Grandpa with his phone settings. No matter how difficult they seem, you will be grateful for them. And they will still piss you off the moment you get home.


It lets you love yourself more (Being alone will teach you that)

If discovering yourself was the reason for the trip, you will discover yourself and love it. You’re probably way cooler than you give yourself credit for. Maybe you like comics too much, but it really doesn’t matter. If everyday life focuses too much on your flaws, a solo vacation will show you how much none of them matter, even if they exist and how amazing you are. No one can love you as much as you.


Travelling alone is simply cheaper


This is the most obvious one. The lesser one spends on food, travel and accommodation, the more one has to spend on things one doesn’t need. Like shopping for shell bracelets or coconut monkeys. And those are things you should buy, really- one souvenir from every place you visit. and a few for friends. It’s okay even if they seem rather purposeless. They will carry so much more meaning five or six years from now and you will smile every time you walk by them.


You will be forced to face your fears 

One of the best parts is where you get over so many of your fears. Like wearing short skirts in public. Or talking to strangers. Or taking walks without a destination or eating alone. It can really put things into perspective. About what counts and what doesn’t. Maybe it will teach you not to dwell on things that won’t matter in a few years. But this trip will. These memories will stay with you for a lifetime.

So, pack your bags, take a deep breath and take a trip this summer that could change the rest of your life. Because life’s nothing but an adventure.

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