Traffic offenders keep your Debit and Credit cards ready.

From 12 January 2016 onwards if you are pulled aside by a traffic police you better have your license, your vehicles papers and yes your Debit/Credit cards too.

To stop the corruption and to keep the track of the offenders Mumbai Police has decided to use e-challan machines and have allotted around 1000 e-challan machines around Mumbai. This system will help keep record of the regular offenders which will cost them more.

As the e-challan machines are rented the offender will be paying additional Rs 9.5 as convenience charges. Don’t worry if you forgot or don’t have a Debit or Credit card there is a facility to pay the fine by National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) within 15 days on the given account of Mumbai Traffic police.

This system is already active in Tamilnadu and Telangana.

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