This is How Moon literally saved our Asses in 2003

On the 3rd of September 2002, an amateur Astronomer – Bill Yeung discovered an Unidentified object in space. It was quickly found that the object was in orbit around Earth.

Initially the object designated “J002E3“, was thought to be an asteroid, with it’s chances of either impacting the Earth Surface or the Moon was considered very High.

via Nasa

But it wasn’t an asteroid, it has since been tentatively identified as the S-IVB third stage of the Apollo 12 Saturn V rocket (designated S-IVB-507), based on spectrographic evidence consistent with the paint used on the rockets.

The stage was intended to be injected into a permanent heliocentric orbit in November 1969, but is now believed instead to have gone into an unstable high Earth orbit which left Earth’s proximity in 1971 and again in June 2003, with an approximately 40-year cycle between heliocentric and geocentric orbit.

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