This 72 Year Old ran a Marathon for a Cause that will Inspire You

Fran Drozdz, the 72-year-old who finished Boston Marathon

Fran Drozdz, the 72-year-old who finished Boston Marathon

Meet Fran Drozdz, the 72 year old who finished the Boston Marathon after 9 hours. This made her husband so worried and panicked that he had to call the Police.

Her husband, Stan has cancer for the third time, she completed the 26.2 mile Boston race, for cancer patients like him along with a charity group of more than 550 people that raised money for Boston’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Fran Drozdz, is a cancer survivor too. She according to Huffington Post has ran around 75 marathons, at least one in every state.

Drozdz’s husband waited all day at the finish line. When he finally caught sight of his wife, wobbly and shaky but smiling with media in tow, he took her hand and guided her through the post-race bustle to the finish line.

He had something special to place around her neck. When she saw it, she yelled in surprise.

“I get a medal? Oh, yay for my husband!”


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