Sunny Leone’s husband speaks out about ‘The Interview’.

Sunny Leone’s husband who was quiet till now after the ‘controversial Interview’ with CNN IBN finally speaks out and speaks out well! Daniel Weber who is also a journalist gave some tips about how an Interview should be conducted and also talks about how it feels being a Sunny Leone’s Husband.

He told

“The real issue at hand is basic etiquette. You are speaking to a human being; you are not speaking to a thing. Sunny has a notion like anybody else and to speak down to her is very uncalled for and unprofessional and especially as a journalist I have to be honest, if your job as a journalist is to be honest you have to report the truth and not come in opinionated.”

Sunny Leone with her husband Daniel Weber

“Listen to the facts first. I believe you have a justice to do and a moral obligation to report fairly and not come in with pre-conceived notions of how you want the interview to turn out. That is why people are commenting on it.”


He went on to say:

“My wife is a true champion. She is more than anybody will know; only I will know of course as we share something different. I have seen that girl fight through the craziest of comments and craziest of negativity faced towards her in her life and I think she has a heart of gold. I am amazed every day; I tell her all the time that she is blessed. Not me, I am a very different person. I got a chip on my shoulder, I get angry very easily. She is the sweetest and you know what at the end, good things happen to good people”

It is really amazing to see so many people coming out to support Sunny Leone, We wonder who these ‘Indians’ were with whose reference Interviewer Bhupendra Chauhan dared to ask such shameful questions.

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