Inspirational Journey of Palestinian Woman from being a Refugee to World’s Best Teacher

In a place where living in a fear is a way of life, children are deprived of their childhood, their freedom to live fearlessly. A place where Violence is so dominant that Kids are scared to go to School. Hanan Al Hroub a former refugee, A female Teacher from Palestine has accomplished what even the Leaders could not achieve.

Hanan Al Hroub has just been named the best teacher in the world. Hanan Al Hroub picked up the $1 million prize at a ceremony in Dubai, organized by the Varkey Foundation.


The situation of Palestinian Children is different than any child around the World. Hanan Al Hroub’s husband and children were shot at on their way home from school, children and Hanan Al Hroub were shocked and traumatized to see her injured husband.

That incident negatively affected her children’s behaviors, personalities and academics. No teachers were able to bring her children back on track. She was left alone and helpless.

Hanan Al Hroub designed interesting games for her children and also invited neighbor’s children. The result was encouraging, the children became more confident and sociable, eliminating all the negativity improving their grades and self confidence.

Hanan now strives to provide peace in the classroom coupled with attention to individual children’s needs. Her goal is to lend a helping hand to children who have been exposed to any kind of violence and need special care in their first years at school.

WATCH: Hanan Al Hroub receives the World’s Best Teacher Award.

Palestinian teacher Hanan Al Hroub won $1 Million from Varkey Foundation.

“I Won! Palestine Won” said surprised and elated Hanan Al Hroub after receiving the Award.

She further said “We can change the World, We have real power in the World, We the Teachers!”

Pope Francis announced the Award at a ceremony held in Dubai.

WATCH: Complete Story of Hanan Al Hroub – Global Teacher Prize 2016 – Winner

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