What Happened When Sreesanth called Kerala city?

After all the match – fixing saga, after the last years IPL, Sreesanth decided to become a Politician, Now Sreesanth a BJP candidate from Thiruvananthapuram, took to twitter to share his vision for Kerala, but there was a slight problem – Sreesanth called Kerala city.

He could have blamed it on Congress or the AAP – as political Vendetta, whatever the case – Twitter would have not spared him. Not even his potential voters.

Meanwhile Sreesanth, instead of accepting his mistake, made another mistake of blocking the users who pointed it out to him.

Shreesanth clarified later, but it was too little too late.

Moral of the Story: Learn from your mistakes, and when you are a public figure more over a politician, blocking opinions is the last thing you want to do.

It’s absolutely not his fault, since Kerala has recently become the state with 100% Primary Education.

ht/t HuffPost


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