This Snapchat filter caused an accident that you won’t want to believe

On the night of September 2015, Christal McGee (18 years old) was behind the wheels of her father’s white Mercedes to her way home from work, when she pulled out her phone to open the Snapchat Filter of Speed.

The Snapchat Filter responsible for Accident
Snapchat Filter Causes Accident

18 year old posted this picture on Snapchat after the accident

Snapchat has a filter that allows it’s users to see their speed of travel, which many of us will relate too.

How many times have we pulled out our phones to do various activities on Snapchat while driving?

Snapchat Filter causes accident

Cars suffered devastating damage

So did Christal McGee, she accelerated, accelerated and accelerated even more until she reached to a speed of 113 miles per hour on a suburban road outside Atlanta where the speed limit is 55.

An Uber driver, Maynard Wentworth, who was just about to start his shift, was hit at the speed of 107 miles per hour as it was too late when Christal McGee could spot him.

Snapchat Filter causes Accident

McGee was driving several of her friends home from work at a local restaurant in a suburb of Atlanta. One of the friends was pregnant, according to the statement from Neff’s office.

Maynard Wentworth suffered a traumatic brain injury and was hospitalized for months, He and his wife are now suing Christal McGee and Snapchat for negligence.

She argued, according to the statement, that she was trying to get the car to 100 miles per hour so she could post it on Snapchat. (Are you kidding me?).

The narrative of that night is outlined in a civil complaint filed in Spalding County court last week, it says tha Snapchat was equally responsible for the accident as it has not removed the Speed filter even though similar accidents have been reported prior to the one above due to the use of the said filter.

which alleges that Snapchat was equally responsible for the cause of the crash because the company did not delete the miles per hour filter from the app after it was cited in similar accidents prior to the September 2015 crash.

Image Credit: MNLaw

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