12 Most Hilarious And Ridiculous Questions From Sexpert Column

Everyone reads the Sexpert columns  in the newspaper, some out of curiosity while the others read it for fun. We have compiled the most hilarious and ridiculous questions along with equally witty and smart answers.

Here are some of the most hilarious and ridiculous questions from Sexpert Column


You have pimples? this is what you shouldn’t do

Sexpert Column


Too many thoughts for one *#%head

Sexpert Column


You bad at counting? call this guy

Sexpert Column


No Munni, No Sheila HolyShit it’s ‘Ramila’

Sexpert Column


Sexual query or a travel story?

Sexpert Column


Someone please give him a bottle of Champagne

Sexpert Column


PETA se Pitega tu toh (You might get beaten up by PETA)

Sexpert Column


This is what happens when you are Jobless

Sexpert Column


Poor baby

Sexpert Column


“I don’t want a baby from anyone but my husband!” LOyaLty!?

Sexpert Column


Shit happens by chance

Sexpert Column


Collage of stupidity

Sexpert Column


Crazy World ’tis, Ain’t it!

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