WATCH: Sania Mirza makes Rajdeep Sardesai apologize Live on National Television

Sania Mirza Mixed doubles world number one has written an autobiography at the age of 29 but she has not just  mastered her game and writing but she has also learnt how to handle the smart journalists over the years. She confessed that she has a love-hate relationship with media and that was mutual.

So when Rajdeep Sardesai asked her in an interview on India Today TV about motherhood and settling down, she smartly up the tennis star and she hit back with full force – this time with words rather than her forehand.

Here is the whole conversation between Sania Mirza and Rajdeep Sardesai

Rajdeep: You don’t talk about retirement, about raising a family, about motherhood, what’s life beyond tennis is going to be…

Sania: You sound disappointed that I’m not choosing motherhood over being number one in the world at this point of time. But I’ll answer your question anyway, that’s the question I face all the time as a woman, that all women have to face – the first is marriage and then it’s motherhood. Unfortunately that’s when we’re settled, and no matter how many Wimbledons we win or number ones in the world we become, we don’t become settled. But eventually it will happen, not right now. And when it does happen I’ll be the first one to tell everybody when I plan to do that.

WATCH: Sania Mirza makes Rajdeep Sardesai apologize Live on National Television

Rajdeep: I must apologise, I framed that question very badly. I promise you, you’re right, I would never ask this question to a male athlete…

Sania: I’m so glad, you’re the first journalist to apologise to me on national television.

Rajdeep goes on to apologise again and asked Sania how she would like to be remembered as, to which Sania replied that she hopes her achievements will set a precedent that “no girl is asked at the age of 29 as to when she is going to have a child when she’s number one in the world” – and adds: “That’s no settling in.”

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