RPF came to the rescue after a ‘tweet’ about a man misbehaving with a woman

While travelling in Nauchandi Express scared and frustrated Anu Agarwal called up her nephew after being harassed by a fellow passenger. Like many others in the past, her nephew took the Twitter route to ensure help for his aunt.

Times of India reported that the passenger who harassed Anu boarded the train and sat on her seat. Initially, she thought he had a seat elsewhere and would go there in some time. But then he started shifting close to her.

“When I told him to return to his seat, he started using abusive language and refused to budge. Sadly, no one in the train intervened despite seeing that I was travelling with my kids,” she said.

Sometime later, he changed his seat but didn’t stop threatening Anu. Seeing no one intervening she called her nephew Prakhar Goyal, who instantly tweeted the issue to the Ministry of Railways with the details of her train and her contact number.

After the exchange of a series of tweets a team of Railway Protection Force (RPF) boarded the train at Meerut City railway station to look into the matter.

The passenger immediately fled after seeing the officers. The team assured Anu that if he returned, she could inform them and they would make sure she is safe.

That’s a tweet power.

We request all the readers to spread the message and make others aware about this #Ministry of Railways @railminIndia a twitter handle so they can use it in case of emergency.

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