Rahul Gandhi is butt of Hilarious Twitter jokes after “Steve Jobs” goof up.

Mr. Rahul Gandhi never misses a chance to bombard us with his fountain of knowledge, Ra-Ga does it again. While talking at the Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS) in Mumbai Rahul Gandhi said, “…One day you’re going to run this country… run the institutions, you will be the Steve Jobs in the Microsofts and the leaders … the Facebooks of this country…” 

While Rahul Gandhi continued the goof ups, Twitter continued to acknowledge it in a humorous way!

Divide and Rule Politics!

The Mamma Joke! Which by the way could be funnier! 

The Sarcastic Guy :)

the Intel Effect!

Send him to Kerala we Say! First sate with 100% Primary Education in India!


Ya we all are sad about Comedy Nights with Kapil! But who cares till the time we have RG!!

Steve Jobs in Google! 

Politics only needs Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment!

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish!

The whole world will live in peace!

Thank God, Steve Jobs didn’t hear it!

And that too during the launch of Start up India!

Bill Gates called Twitter to see what’s this trend all about!

Best Comedy is spontaneous!

Who can’t relate to these boys! Oh College Days!

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