Pune Woman Dragged out of her car and thrashed for wearing short dress

In a horrific incident in Pune, supposedly a safe city for women, a woman was dragged out of her car and beaten for wearing “short dress” and “roaming with men” which for her attackers is not allowed in Pune.

As reported by Mid-Day, “How can you wear such a short dress and roam with two males at such a time? In Pune, this is not allowed.” This is what a 22-year-old woman was told by a gang of men. They dragged her out of the car, attacked and threatened her.

The woman was put in more distress  when she turned to Police for help, who finally agreed to file an FIR after a week of the incident.
The incident occurred on May 1, when the woman was returning from the sangeet rehearsal for her friend’s wedding. Speaking to mid-day, the woman said, “At 5.30 am, while we were passing by the Lullanagar main signal, one car started driving parallel to our car. The window glasses were tinted, but a man rolled down the glass and peeped into our car.”
The man then started hurling abuses at her and her friends, what’s more shocking is that man followed her all the way to her home, where her car was intercepted by these assholes, one friend tried to intervene but was hit by the accused that is when the other men dragged her out of the car and hit her. The victim said she feared she could have been raped if her friends had not intervened.

“I dialed 100, but no one answered. The cops arrived an hour later and filed an NC (non cognizable) complaint. After I got to know what an NC is, I visited the Kondhwa police station so many times. I finally managed to file a proper case on Sunday,” said the traumatized victim to Mid Day.

Two of the accused, Amit Mukhedkar and Shubham Gupta, have been arrested. Police is on the hunt for the other assholes.

Amit Mukhedkar and Shubham Gupta

Amit Mukhedkar and Shubham Gupta

The accused allegedly threatened the girl, saying she could do anything to them, as they are influential. “They gave me their names and numbers. They know my address too, they said. They all seemed drunk. They left, only to return five minutes later, with 10 to 15 men brandishing rods and sticks, threatening us,” narrated the woman.

What was the crime of this woman? – Nothing, and to make Pune safe again from these uneducated goons, we urge all the Punekars to be more careful and fight for this woman’s right.

This action of these goons cannot be justified in any way, our city should be safe and anyone reading this, especially from Pune it is your duty as a citizen to fight against this injustice, and stand by this woman at all times. If this doesn’t boil your blood and makes your conscious guilt ridden, and doesn’t make you do your part you should give up on yourself.

These men, who think no end of themselves and who think are above law, should be taught a lesson, collectively by the society to set an example such that such incidents do not occur again.

Also, the police who were not quick enough to act should be booked along with the accused, we can only imagine the plight of that woman when surrounded by drunk men and being trashed, what she might have actually gone through is unimaginable. For her sake and if you have heart Pune, get united to get her justice.

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