This is what Preity Zinta had to say about her rumored ex Yuvraj Singh

Indian media has always linked celebrities randomly with each other according to their instincts so was the case with Preity Zinta – Yes, if you are a celebrity and you are hanging out with another celebrity of the opposite Gender, Indian media would be the first to label you as “items”.

This was the exact case for Preity Zinta, who now is happily married to Gene Goodenough(we are not making this name up, there is a real man with that name) is also a part owner of an IPL (Indian Premier League) team – Kings Eleven Punjab.

Preity Zinta and Yuvraj Singh

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Earlier Preity Zinta, during the early installation of IPL was linked with none other than the classy left hander cricketer Yuvraj Singh.

Maybe this picture together might have made the Indian Media jump to conclusions – the age old habit of Indian Media.

This is what Preity Zinta had to say about her rumored ex Yuvraj Singh, she said “I am a private person. I am amazed when I see so much being written about my life, without being confirmed by me. It has stopped bothering me, but there are a few things which I have taken to heart. When I was linked with Yuvraj Singh and Brett LeeI will never forget that. They are my brothers. And I have decided to personally visit Lee and Yuvi on Raksha Bandhan and tie rakhis to them,” Preity told a leading daily.

When further quizzed about Yuvraj Singh’s marriage to Hazel Keech she replied “Do you know the wedding date? I am asking because I need to have a special shaadi present for him – a box of rakhis (laughs). I am happy that he is getting hitched. We share a great bond. He was a part of our team and has seen the ups and downs,”

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Personal lives of celebrities should be left to them, they are humans and have feelings too, Indian Media should be responsible for what they broadcast on the national television and just not make mockery of people in-order to gain TRP.

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