Old Man never told his wife what he had done, You will be Shocked to Know

Sir Nicholas Winton/old man never told his wife what he had done

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Sir Nicholas Winton rescued 669 children destined for Nazi concentration camps from Czechoslovakia as the outbreak of World War Two loomed.

His death at the age of 106 came on the same day 76 years ago when the train carrying the largest number of children – 241 – departed from Prague – July 1, 2015.

He’d never told his wife what he has done, His efforts was never publicly known for over a 50 years, until 1988 when he appeared on BBC’s program That’s Life and had a surprise reunion with some of the people he saved.

Now that’s what we call a Real Hero!

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Interviews compiled by Chris Browning for Saved by Sir Nicholas – a BBC Radio Berkshire documentary

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