This London’s New Mayor Sadiq Khan is not Just a “Muslim”, Know More

This London’s New Mayor Sadiq Khan, from council estate boy to parliament and now the mayor of London, has had a rapid political rise since becoming a MP in 2005. There’s a lot more to him than he being the “First Muslim Mayor.”

Here are a few things about Sadiq Khan, that will inspire you,

  1. Humble Beginnings of Sadiq KhanLondon's New Mayor Sadiq Khan
    Khan, 45 was born to a Pakistani Bus Driver and a Seamstress Mother in now gentrifying neighborhood of Toothing, South London.


2. Life Of Sadiq Khan

London's New Mayor Sadiq Khan

This London’s New Mayor Grew up in a public housing, government subsidized and had seven siblings, After attending state schools in Tooting, he studied law at university in London and worked as a human rights lawyer for more than a decade. Khan became London’s youngest councillor at 23 when he was elected to the local authority in Tooting.

3. Sadiq Khan’s Love Life

London's New Mayor Sadiq Khan

As reported by AJ+ he wooed his wife over a McDonald’s Fiet O Fish. Now that’s charming and in budget.

London’s New Mayor Sadiq Khan was voted victorious after a bitter personal campaign against him, also in 2013, Khan practicing Muslim when voted in favor of Gay rights received death threats from the extremists.

He plans to build affordable homes to tackle London’s housing problems.

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Defying all odds, he’s here as the London’s New Mayor and hopefully as a man who’ll set an example worldwide for peace against the growing fears against one particular religion.

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