Kapil’s new show won’t be anything like Kapil’s previous show

Kapil’s new show won’t have anything that we loved, No Babaji ka thullus, no more Gutthi’s legendary introductions, no more Palak’s ‘talk to my hands’ and no more Dadi’s ‘darupanti’. With the second inning of Kapil Sharma’s show coming soon (on Sony Ent), Colors has been creating trouble for Kapil and his team.

Colors has prohibited Kapil from doing everything they did on Comedy Nights with Kapil as the channel owns the rights to the show and also, the characters. As per the reports Colors has sent out a long list of DON’Ts to Sony for Kapil’s show. It’s relief in a sense that Kapil now has a chance to start afresh as the dipping TRP of the show was also a concern for the channel, but with that kind of ‘Kapilism’ we are sure that he won’t be short of spreading his magic again.  So here is what you won’t be seeing in Kapil’s new show.

No more Babaji ka thullus


Babaji ka thullu has been a rage with different range of merchandizes, But Kapil can’t give the ‘thullus’ anymore.

No bevdi Dadi

Dadi from Comedy show

No more bevdi Dadi, No more ‘shagun ki pappis’  no more cool dance steps, are those canvas shoes copyrighted too?

No more Gutthi Palak – Palak Gutthi introductions

The welcome song ‘Aap aaye hai is bagiya mein, phool khile hain gulshan gulshan’ or her legendary introductions is what we won’t be seeing in Kapil’s new show.

No more Palak’s todu performances

No more cool moves of Palak, no more talk to my hand dialogue, we surely will miss you Palak.

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No Bade honth vaale jokes

The applause Mrs. Bittu receives on her entry evidently proves how much she is loved by the audience, ‘Bade hothon vali’ jokes made by Kapil were the main ingredients of Comedy Nights with Kapil.

The only one who was respected at Kapil’s house

We can’t imagine Kapil’s house without a Bakri standing silently near the kitchen, Bakri that never gave the milk and the house that never gave Chai to the guests.

Dude…you can’t stop this guy, he is Shat pratishat original!


The only thing that you can’t copyright is Sidhu’s thunderous laughter and his legacy of Impromptu Shayari.

We surely will miss all the characters but we hope Kapil spreads his magic with his new show.

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