Kanpur IITian designs a Kettle that makes your tea brew with an App is just what you need

Want to make a tea but don’t want to take your hands off of your mobile? Well it would have been a critical situation if this guy a Kanpur IITian had not designed a Kettle which does a lot than you can imagine with a mobile app. Yes you heard it right, make a tea while you are busy with Social Media. 😉
Kanpur IItian designs a Kettle that lets you make a tea with an App.

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Sachin Np from Indian Institute of technology Kanpur has designed an award winning Ocha 2.0 which is a customizable tea maker, this design by the Kanpur IITian helps you make a tea to suit your taste buds and at a scheduled time with the help of an app.

“Not everyone prefers the same tea that we get from a vending machine. Now, this is not a problem anymore. Brewing tea is now an art. In the case of Ocha 2.0, I have redefined the rules as art follows technology,” Sachin said.

Ocha 2.0 is loaded with wide range of options, from scheduling your tea to regulating the temperature and even the taste of a tea. Let’s say you want a hot brewing cup a tea next morning you can schedule it today.

“It can be operated by the user in two different ways. Either with the help of the mobile application that comes along with the product or with the help of the user interface embedded onto the product. The kettle comes with a central display console comprising a display button placed right at the centre of the console that helps in selecting the various options in the menu,” he says.

Sachin further explains that a brewing tea is a play between tea dust, infusion rate, the quantity of milk and the amount of sugar to give a cup of perfect tea. The existing tea makers are totally void of customization, as even sugar and strength of tea is difficult to manipulate, he says.

“It also kills the spice up factor called aroma. Ocha 2.0 is a jack of all trades. It doesn’t miss out on any of these and is a cocktail of all the conventional brewing experiences. Opinion differs from one person to the other and so is the taste,” he says

Kanpur IITian builds this device

Ocha 2.0

“I believe design lies in everything that makes a user not to let think of its design. The design should be always like a fluid for a user that just flows flawlessly,” he said.

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