Japan is getting an INVISIBLE TRAIN!….. Period.

Seibu Railway Company has plans to build a near invisible Train, that is designed by Kazuyo Sejima – the award winning architect of SANNA.

Kazuyo Sejima

Kazuyo Sejima

Sejima is known for her glassy, reflective design.

“This will be an express train for everyone, like an intimate living room where people can spend their free time in their own way,” as Seibu Group proclaimed in a press statement (per Architectural Digest). The express trains have been commissioned to celebrate the railway company’s centennial anniversary, and Seibu hopes “to provide a new public space, almost park like, where people will come together.”

This invisible train is set to debut in 2018, it will blend with the countryside and will mirror the landscape as it travels through, making it so reflective that you won’t be able to see it coming.

The train as you can tell from the image below is not completely, Harry Potter or Hollow Man style invisible.

Image credit: SANAA via Seibu Group

Image credit: SANAA via Seibu Group


It is just made from materials that will be so reflective, that it will “blend with the landscape” as it travels making it difficult for the viewers to see it coming.

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What are your thoughts on the same? Do you think it is a great idea or it will create confusion among commuters.

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