8 Interesting Facts about the most loved Street Food in India ‘Paani Puri’

This is probably the only place where you hold Katoris and Beg for ‘extras’ ūüėČ and pay for it as well! From buzzy streets of the cities to the narrow colorful lanes of the smallest of the towns in India, it makes your heads turn, the most favorite street food of Indians called ‘Paani Puri’. But why is it called Paani Puri? Where did it come from? Here is all what you need to know.


Who is yo Daddy?

Paani Puri

The puritan originated from the Magadha region of India, present day South Bihar where it is also known as phoolki. The English meaning of golgappa is “watery bread” or “crisp sphere eaten.” The literal meaning suggests that it may have originated from Varanasi. In Bengal and specifically Kolkata, Puchka is considered to be the king of this variety of snacks, compared to its cousins like golgappas or panipuris.


That’s how you make it

Paani Puri

The filling is made by lightly mashing boiled potatoes with black salt, salt, some spices, a generous portion of tamarind pulp (made by mashing ripe tamarind in tamarind water), chilli (powder/chopped/boiled & pasted). The tamarind water Tetul Jol is made by mixing tamarind and spices/ salt and making a light and tart liquid with water. At some places like Deshpriya Park, a very famous variety is made with sour curd, and called Dahi (curd) Puchka.


Thousand ways to remember my name

Did you know they call it ‘Phuchka’ in West Bengal?

here are some more interesting names for paani puri from different part of India.

  • Pani Ke Patashe¬† in Haryana
  • Gol Gappa¬†in New Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Jharkhand, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Pakistan, Himachal Pradesh, West Bengal
  • Pani ke bataashe / Patashi¬†in Rajasthan,Uttar Pradesh
  • Panipuri in¬†Hilly part in Nepal, Maharashtra(Mumbai and all the parts of Maharashtra), ¬†Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu
  • Phuchka¬†in Bangladesh, West Bengal (India)
  • Gup chup¬†in Odisha, South Jharkhand, Chhatisgarh
  • Pakodi¬†in Gujarat (some parts)
  • Phulki Terai in¬†Parts of Nepal, Madhya Pradesh


Perks of being a Paani Puri fan

Mood booster

Paani Puri

Having a Paani Puri alone or with friends it’s always fun, while relishing over spicy Gol Gappas, you laugh at each others funny and weird faces while taking a mouthful of Phuchkas. The 100 paani puri challenge with your friends or innovative ‘paani Puri Margarita’ and ‘Paani Puri shots’ are the definite mood boosters.


Health Benefits

Paani Puri

It may sound weird but Pani puri helps to cure mouth ulcers. It also¬†gives you relief from acidity, now that’s freaking crazy! True or not who cares, we are happy so are the taste buds!


 You should know when to stop

Paani Puri

We can’t really get enough of it! so when we eat Paani Puris we never feel full, but we don’t realize that it adds to the calories even if you ain’t feeling it!


An offer your Bae can’t deny

Paani Puri

Ask your Bae out not for Coffee, not for expensive dinners but for tempting Paani Puri and she won’t refuse. Add more love, save more money.


Hygiene? Yes please

Paani Puri

While most of us ignore the hygiene over the taste, there are chances you end up meeting a Doctor instead. So just take extra effort to check the hygiene before you say ‘Bhaiyyaji, Paani Puri’!

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