Did the Ancient Greeks really use Laptops ?

There’s a new conspiracy theory out there, and it doesn’t have aliens and UFOs, it is about an alleged laptop carved into an ancient Greek statue.

Sounds crazy right?  there’s a theory out there saying that a statue of a woman, dated to about 100 B.C., shows her looking at a modern laptop or a handheld digital device. As proposed by the anonymous YouTube user StillSpeakingOut, ventures that the ancient Oracle of Delphimay have foreseen the invention of laptops, and told people about it.


Some critics have laughed away the over-active imagination and provided their opinions on the sculpture. A realistic explanation says that the device is indeed a tablet — but just not the modern kind. They believe it is a wax tablet used for writing on with a stylus or pen. Some say it is a jewellery box. In modern day fashion, the conspiracy theorists have claimed that the device is too thin to be either, when compared to the ones appearing on other statues. It’s primarily the two holes that have churned the debate.

“Seriously?” Hurwit said. “The ‘laptop’ is in fact a shallow box or lidded tray from which the woman is about to select a piece of jewelry, as is commonly shown in grave reliefs like this one.”

However, this isn’t the only conspiracy about modern technology showing up in yesteryear. In 2010, a similar flurry arose concerning a woman in a 1928 Charlie Chaplin film holding an object that looked like a cellphone. But that mystery object was likely an ear trumpet, used to help the woman hear, experts said.

“Just so we are clear, I’m not saying that this relief was depicting an ancient laptop computer,” StillSpeakingOut said in the 100-second-long video.

Reference: LiveScience, IndianExpress

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