This is what Flintoff said that angered Yuvraj to hit 6 sixes in the inaugural T20 World Cup

Remember the inaugural T20 World Cup, I bet every Indian remembers it, termed as the underdogs before the tournament India ended up winning the thrilling tournament, with so many memories to cherish – one of them was Yuvraj’s six 6s in an over in a match against England which gives me goosebumps even while writing it.

Rewind 2007, Yuvraj Singh hit six 6s in a row off Stuart Broad’s bowling, but just before that over there was a scuffle between Yuvraj and Flintoff.

In a recent interview Yuvraj Singh revealed how the scuffle went, which was something like this:

What did Flintoff say to Yuvraj?

Flintoff: Those were fucking ridiculous shots. (Flintoff had just bowled the over before).

Yuvraj: Fuck you.

Flintoff: Excuse me?

Yuvraj: You heard what I said.

Flintoff: I will cut your throat off.

Yuvraj: You see this bat in my hand, you know where I am going to hit you with this bat!

This fired Yuvraj all up, Flintoff thinking it will work in England’s favor was surely wrong, The young Stuart Broad was at the receiving end of Yuvraj’s fury.

And this is what happened!

Yuvraj Six Sixes

AP Photo/Aman Sharma

Yuvraj Singh eventually made 58 from 16 balls as India smashed a total of 218/4. India won the game by 18 runs, thanks to this brilliant knock by Yuvraj.

What if the over before there would have been no banter, would such a record be created? This details revealed by Yuvraj Singh will give Indians yet another reason to smile about today and relieve those memories.

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Moral of the Story: Do not wake up a sleeping Tiger ever or be ready to face the consequences.

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