This Father-Daughter heated argument over having a Boyfriend is Epic

Every Father has to go through this ‘Boyfriend’ conversation with his daughter one day. But, this argument is not what you think it is.

The argument here is between a little kid and her Father, who would have never imagined that he will be having this serious conversation so soon, we mean a serious heated conversation!

So here’s what happened, Scottish dad John Tierney gets into a heated argument after his daughter Grace asks him about having a Boyfriend. We would expect that Dad will handle the situation quite efficiently but instead like any other possessive father his reaction is blunt and Epic!!

What’s more amusing is the way John threatens Grace and makes up some stories about how miserable it would be for her future boyfriend. Grace doesn’t give up and in the end Dad has to bring in God to end the story!

Later on John Tierney tweeted the Whole video under #BlantyreParenting101.

Who wins the argument in the end? Well, you need to watch this Video.

To anyone taking it too seriously, he later tweeted: “It’s a bit of fun. Don’t over analyse it!!”

We hope Grace’s future boyfriend watches this and prepares himself for the consequences! So all the best to him.

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