This is how you fake a finger print and break into a phone

The technology revolution isn’t only fast moving, but it is very difficult to keep up with its pace. But with every new technology there is always a shortcoming – some requiring higher intelligence to break into it some can be just broken with just common sense. Such is the case with smartphones using finger print now days to do a lot of their tasks. Even though finger prints are one’s private property, you can still fake it to break into a phone.

How to fake it to break into a phone?

This video was uploaded by the Verge on their channel, depicts how susceptible the finger print scanners in the phone are to unwanted attacks.

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How to break into a phone by faking a finger print

by Karen Arnold

Now this is serious because not only can you unlock smart phones with your finger print but also can use payment gateways to purchase online. There isn’t only a privacy threat but also a major theft issue for people who do a lot of other things with their finger prints than rather just unlocking it.

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