Citizens condemn arrest of Kiku Sharda on Twitter.

Kiku was arrested for allegedly hurting the sentiments of the self-styled godman’s followers. Kiku Sharda’s arrest has surprised one and all, Celebrities ,citizens alongwith Media stands by Kiku Sharda by Tweeting their support and anger.

Kiku apologized and said that “he was an artist and presented the programme on the directions of the channel and programme producers”
While talking to media after his arrest.“I was given a dress, script to read and directed to act,”

he added further that he had been booked in this case but no action was taken against others including the TV channel.

He said that his aim was only to entertain the public and not to hurt the religious feeling and sentiments of any person.

Earlier in December 2015, Kiku had apoligized via on Twitter: “Doston the act on TV was not to hurt anyone’s feelings. My apologies to @Gurmeetramrahim ji and his followers. Let’s spread happiness.”

There has been a support from all the sects against the arrest of Kiku Sharda and have expressed their anger and support with their Tweets.

















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