Emraan Hashmi reacts with a heartfelt message after ‘Raaz Reboot’ gets leaked online

Raaz Reboot is franchise to one of the most successful Bollywood horror series by Vikram Bhatt. He has given us all spine chilling entertainment in the past, but this time the whole team of Raaz Reboot must be horrified as the movie gets leaked online just couple of days before the theatrical release and this is how Emraan Hashmi reacts.

After the recent online leak controversy of ‘Udta Punjab’ and ‘Great Grand Masti’ every producer must be praying not only for the success of his sweat, money and blood fed movies but also for keeping his movie secured from the clutches of piracy.

Emraan Hashmi reacts

While there has been a lot of uproar and furore in the recent past over the leaked online movies, Emraan Hashmi who stars in the latest ‘Raaz’ movie franchise has decided to make an exception and has written a heartfelt message to his fans.

Here’s how Emraan Hashmi reacts over Raaz Reboot online leak controversy.

Well said Emraan and we hope not only his fans but all the movie lovers would refrain themselves from watching the pirated films.

Raaz Reboot is scheduled to release on 16th September.

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