This Guy Found Dogs who Gave Birth Poisoned to Death, Here’s What He did Next

This shocking story was live tweeted by a twitter handle that goes with the name, @DefucktiveHumor, this incident happened around his area, when he found Dogs who Gave Birth Poisoned to death, The dogs had recently given birth to puppies and their life was cut short by some maniac.

Dogs who Gave Birth Poisoned to Death


Here’s the story this guy live tweeted, what he does in the end is humanly impossible.

This is really heart-wrenching, but the only positive that can be found from this, is this Guy who’s fighting for the Dogs.

He has even given a safe haven to all the New Born Puppies. Hope he wins his fight and hope more and more people get inspired by this and do what is right always. This man gives us yet another reason to believe that Humanity exists.

Otherwise where the world is right now, this is something humanly impossible that one can think of. For example, this reply to one of his tweets, will make your heart cringe.

Such replies makes you sad, what’s made us humans so inhuman?

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