This Movie Trailer is the most disliked Movie Trailer in YouTube History

The movie trailer that we are talking about was uploaded in March this year and since then has been the most disliked movie trailer in the history of YouTube.

Which movie trailer are we talking about?
Most Disliked Movie Trailer on Youtube


This is the first trailer of Paul Feig’s female led Ghostbusters. According to screen crush, it is a poorly put together trailer which provided little or no inspiration and confidence about the finished product.

There were those from whom there was immense dislike and anger towards the movie, when the announcement was made that the Ghostbusters remake would star four women.

Whatever the reason may be for the dislike of the audience – but to understand the anger and hatred towards the Ghostbuster movie is. that the trailer has been disliked so many times that it has already become the most disliked movie trailer in Youtube History.

The Ghostbuster movie currently (as I am writing this) has been viewed 28,951,482 times out of which it has been liked 206,277 times but disliked 537,878 times – mine being one of the addition.

You can watch the trailer here,

The Ghostbuster trailer is the only one to be ever in the top 100 most disliked videos of YouTube. The only other movie-related videos on the list include two versions of “Let It Go” from Frozen.

Justin Bieber’s “Baby” is #1 on the list and has a shocking 6 million thumbs down vote, but has been viewed 1.36 billion times.

The statistics shows that even though if something is hated as much, there’s never such a ratio for dislike on any video in YouTube such for the Ghostbuster Trailer. Thus the dislike for it is not organic. They’re part of a coordinated attack on the film by people who are opposed to its very existence. The good news is that there are a lot of organic views for the movie.

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