“I have received loads of death threats this week because a video game got delayed” – Sean Murray

Have you ever heard some received death threats because a Video game got delayed? Well Fans, you see are not easy to handle and such is the love and passion for the game that you end up being threatened by a fan for delaying the game release.  That’s exactly what happened to No Man’s Sky creator Sean Murray, who announced last night on Twitter that he had received “loads of death threats” following the news that release of his game would be pushed back a couple of months.

This is, of course, absurd and inappropriate. And if you’re thinking “surely this is an isolated incident and people never routinely get harassed online,” consider that it wasn’t even the first time in the past week that it’s happened, over the same game, for the same reason! For merely writing about No Man’s Sky being delayed, Kotaku news editor Jason Schreier received a threat of violence on Twitter:

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