British Forces uses Bollywood Songs as a deadly Weapon against ISIS, and it’s fetching results

Don’t be surprised if you see Armies loaded with humongous Loud Speakers instead of deadly arms and ammos. No they are not up for a party but a war, a serious war. British Forces have turned to Bollywood music to track and hunt down ISIS.

deadly Weapon against ISIS

The reason? Bollywood songs annoy Islamist militants who see it as ‘blasphemy’.According to Mirror the psychological operations unit of the force known as Joint Special Operations Command intercepted the terrorists communications and blasted them with Bollywood chart music.

The tactic is also used in Libya where the forces were playing loud Bollywood music at dawn through huge speakers mounted on vehicles. The ingenious idea was proposed by a Pakistan-born British intelligence officer.

deadly Weapon against ISIS

ISIS which has imposed a strict Sharia based rule in the areas under its occupation sees things like music and other entertainment as an act of ‘apostasy’, and insulting to their ultra-conservative interpretation of Islam.

Don’t underestimate the power of Bollywood Music


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