10 things Creative people do that real World won’t Understand

Creative people have always been misunderstood as arrogant, unpredictable and introverts. Artists never try to fit in but create a World of their own instead. Here are 10 things Creative people do that real World won’t understand.


Simplicity is a big turn on

10 things creative people do

We don’t care what you eat, what you wear or what you drive. Just a simple talk and be on our friend list. We believe that the materialistic world is like a mirage, too complex to understand and irrelevant when achieved. Emotions are constant and universal and this is what connects us, this is what turns us on.


For you it’s ignorance, for us it’s focus

10 things creative people do

Very often we excuse ourselves from socializing, indulging into sensational, lifeless conversations. We suck at diplomacy and that might be perceived as arrogance or ignorance, but in fact we just need to get back to our creative World and focus our energies into playing with our imaginations.


We are like a drop of oil in the Ocean

10 things creative people do

To be alone even in the crowd is a skill and we are master at it. We are like drop of oil in the ocean which though resembles ocean yet  don’t blend in. Just floating around and when the water recedes we remain what we are.


What to wear, what not to wear? We don’t care!

10 things creative people do

We don’t wear for the occasion, we wear what’s in our reach at that moment. We don’t try hard to look different or unique it’s just that we don’t care.


We are Scientists in a disguise

10 things creative people do

We never play around the theories and techniques. We love to create things from the scratch. We experiment, we fail, we learn, we fail again well not in that sequence though.


Random, unplanned trips at unknown places is our thing

10 things creative people do

Don’t be surprised if we buy ticket to nowhere, travel to the random places. It’s not about visiting the famous places, it’s about exploring the new, unseen world.


Short gossips exhausts us, long conversations are a booster

10 things creative people do

Gossiping about people or discussing about the growing or dropping rates of gold, vegetables or petrol is exhausting. But when you talk about yourself, even your smallest dreams would make it more interesting and help us from peeping into our cell phones (A tool of ignorance) again and again.


It’s hard to connect with people, duh!! as if we care

10 things creative people do

We don’t have time to please others, pleasing ourselves in itself takes so much of our time and energy, that we hardly care about what people think or expect from us.


We don’t have plans we have ideas

10 things creative people do

We get offended when someone asks about our plans, seriously we don’t know and we never will. Talk about ideas instead and you will either be amazed or feel like stabbing yourself with our never ending list of ideas.


Yes we are sensitive, we are fragile

10 things creative people do

Yes we are not from different planet, we get hurt too, even we have our shit to deal with! Rather, more than you, we take time to heal but we don’t make a fuss out of it. Maybe that’s why you don’t notice.

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