This Brave Guys Extreme Close Up Video of a Tornado Will Make You Shiver

Have you ever wondered, how would it be when you are in the face of Nature’s fury, your first instinct would be to run for safety, but there are a few who would just do the opposite. Call them stupid or brave but this brave guys extreme close up video of a Tornado will make you shiver and keep you at the edge of your seat.

Extreme Close Up Video of a Tornado

This video was posted by AccuWeather on their YouTube Channel, in which you can see a guy driving crazily towards the tornado and filming the total experience as well.

Watch Extreme Close Up Video of a Tornado

Well, the video is really dangerous, and gives us the haunting reality of Nature’s dark side. The title of this video suggests that the incident had taken place at Wray which is a Home Rule Municipality that is the county seat of Yuma County, Colorado, United States.

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