WATCH: Chewbacca Lady is back and this time guess who has joined the Madness?

Yes the Chewbacca Lady, Candace Payne is back after taking Social Media by storm with her contagious laughter, and this time she is not alone, along with her she has an irritated yet patient James Cordon and one more special celebrity you will be shocked to know.

Recently Candace Payne shared a story about an oversized Chewbacca Mask and how happy she was to keep it for herself,  her crazy laughter went Viral like a fire storm, the story doesn’t end here, later she released a video which has James Cordon himself and none other than the Star Wars director J.J Abrams himself.

In this video Candace is driving James Cordon to the studio and he is bit irritated with the mask but J.J Abrams comes in support of Candace Payne and joins her in yet another laughter riot and the irritated James too gets swept away in this hilarious laughter storm.

WATCH: Chewbacca Lady is back

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