These guys took up a ‘Cherrios Challenge’ and the results are hilarious

A guy came up with an idea to stack up some cherrios on a sleeping person without disturbing and the more the layers, more are the chances of you to win. But win what? Well, nothing!

Some guys took up the challenge and that went viral and still spreading like a wildfire on social media.

Here are some of the cute and funny 'Cherrios Challenge' pics these people shared.

Looks like someone is really happy here 


Oh, poor baby!

Her dad won! #cheerioschallenge #tummytime #instalove

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Life of a Dragon

#dragonsofinstagram #cheerioschallenge #beardeddragon

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This is killer cute!

😺😺😺呀朱貓 多左陣朱古力味😂😂😂 #cheerioschallenge

A photo posted by Raymond (@hihisowaiman) on


Woah! That’s scary :O

#CheeriosChallenge on my Tarantula ✌

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You done? now can I eat it?


Super Dad!

regram @the_jest3r No way! Shout out to the wife with the assist! #cheerioschallenge

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Do whatever you want? but don’t wake me up, bc I don’t care!


He is lovin it!

Hard to break any #cheerioschallenge records if you can’t keep a straight face 😬

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Can you stop being a fool!

Since I am my dads only baby. #cheerioschallenge

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