Now Charge Your Phone with a Box of Chicken at KFC in India

While you are taking a big bite off that juicy chicken steak, you are busy taking selfies and chatting with your friends and planning something really important but wait, the mobile phone is running out of power and instead of enjoying the delicious meal alongwith your online friends you try to rush out with a fear of getting virtually disconnected.

But that won’t be happening anymore, atleast when you are at Kentucky Fried Chicken. Yes KFC in India has a solution for their customers. It’s a meal box that comes with a pre-charged USB plug.

Yes, you read that correctly. If you are planning to go to a local KFC there and order a box of chicken, you potentially don’t need to charge your phone ahead of time because you just might be handed a chicken box that will come with everything you need to stay connected during your meal.

The “Watt-A-Box” program, which the US-based chain’s India branch launched in Delhi and Mumbai, is advertising its benefits with a ridiculous commercial that addresses the date planning interrupted by a dead phone situation described above.

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