Chandigarh administration just came up with a billion dollar Idea

The Chandigarh administration according to themselves, have come across a very great Idea – and we bet you cannot guess what it is.

No it’s nothing to do with corruption, nothing to with Women Empowerment either, neither to provide safety to women, Drought Solution – “are you crazy?” – who has time for such small issues, Now you might thing farmers debt solution. No, Never impossible, what are farmers?

The Idea is a billion dollar Idea – BAN SHORT SKIRTS IN NIGHT CLUBS!!! HELL YEAH!!!

The policy has been framed by the order of Punjab and Haryana High Court, due to some violent incidents that had been reported from around the clubs. (Yes – You not wearing skirts would make it much better).

As a young citizen of this country, sometimes we wonder, how does this even happen. Why does it happen, and happens so often, the so called educated judiciary can come up with such laws, then there should be no fault in our uneducated politicians.

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