10 Kick Ass Ways to Boost Your Mood

When we are low, we tend to look at the smaller events or problems as a Catastrophe. We ain’t no preachers who teach you how to be ‘Happy’, We are just sharing some cool tips that will surely Boost your mood.


Excuse Social Media please


When you are in a bad mood the first and foremost thing is to get off of those Smart Phones, Tabs, Ipads and Laptops. Just switch off the Social World which will let you think how to boost your Mood.



Groove and Shake it shake it

When in a bad mood don’t turn to those Sad Songs (Read: Kumar Sanu and Pankaj Udhas Tracks), hit the Peppy tracks and just move it baby!


Paddle around the town

Doesn’t matter which hormones it releases but it surely feels good to hop on your bicycle and paddle it around for no purpose, no reason. So just ride like a King.


Dance like you don’t give a shit!

Doesn’t matter if you’re a Dancer or naah! Dance to please yourself and not anybody else. It surely does boosts up your mood.



Take a ‘Power nap’

A little Power Nap and you wake all charged up to face the World again.



Sing so loud that you don’t hear your Voice

Singing your gut out pumps all the blood to the Brain leaving you High on Life.


Cracking Foolish jokes is a sign of Intelligence

Crack foolish Jokes, laugh hysterically, Tell others they lack a ‘good sense of Humor’.


Sometimes fun knows no language

talk gibberish even if you mean something bad, this way you give a way out to all your frustrations and traumas and nobody understands and gets hurt too.



Buy a Ticket to nowhere

buy a random Ticket of a Bus, Train or maybe a plane (if you can afford ) to nowhere, and hop on to a little adventure of your Life.


Talk to the Animals

Well, you don’t need to be a ‘Dolittle’ to understand what the animals say in reply, their wagging tails, confused and excited faces is definitely a best communication you will ever have.

In the end let’s be thankful that we are alive

Sounds Crazy right!! But that’s not it, there’s more craziness coming up.

Let us know if your mood was really boosted ? even if pissed off, let us know.

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