5 Bollywood ‘Twisted Love Stories’ of Modern Times

When someone asks you about your favorite Romantic Bollywood film, most probably your answer would be ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’ or ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ these films still rule the charts even after a decade. There have been some exceptional films unlike typical Bollywood Romantic sagas these Bollywood ‘Twisted Love Stories’ were loved and admired by the audience.

1 Gangs of Wasseypur

Many would be surprised to see this movie in the list but then you can’t deny this unusual Faisal- Mohsina Jodi’s rocking chemistry.

Falling in love at first sight with dark goggles in the dark night



We loved them in this scene, Fumbling Faijal asks Mohsina for a movie and the way she Trolled him is priceless



Or when Faisal climbs up the drainage pipe to sneak into Mohsina’s bedroom and talks about getting naughty



But when she says yes no matter how you look, you feel like a ‘King’ just like our Faisal


2 Barfi

For a change here, Love is not blind but Deaf and Dumb.

Barfi is smart, Barfi is charming……



 Be like Barfi!



Barfi can’t hear or speak but he understands and that’s what is Love



3 Tanu Weds Manu returns

Haarkar jeetne wale ko ‘Datto’ kehte hain



Similar faces can’t resemble two different hearts, each person has a different story to live

giphy (1)

4 Dum Laga Ke Haisha

A subtle love story of a Kumar Sanu fan who gets burdened with a wife he thinks to heavy to be loved.

Love comes in all shapes and sizes

giphy dum


True love is a way to discover your hidden strength

giphy (1)Dum


5 Queen 

This movie has taught us ‘sometimes to love means to let go’

True love!!!

giphy queen

that scene we love!!

giphy queen2

Even the Movies like Raanjhana and Dev D needs a special mention here, got more movies to add to the list?

Please do so below in the Commentbox.

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