WATCH: Black Panther attacks a man but the end is Unexpectedly Sweet

While a man is posing for a camera unaware of a black panther slowly stalking him from behind, speeds up swiftly and pounces on the man but the result is not dreadful as this dramatic build up, rather man takes control of a situation and what happens next is just sweet and heart melting.

The animal, whose name is Kal-El (after Superman’s birth name), instead gets multiple loving smooches from Eduardo Serio, who runs the Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation in Mexico.

Serio, it turns out, was the animal’s rescuer.

WATCH: Black Panther attacks a man

The video was shot by foundation employee Bofo Farias Gonzales, who apparently knew the two were buddies and therefore didn’t give Serio any warning about Kal-El sneaking up on him.

Serio created the foundation in 2013 to protect big cats from exploitation and trafficking, according to its Facebook page.

The foundation has since rescued dozens of big cats to live on its 30-acre property, according to Facebook.

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